The Self-Aware Leader

Facilitated by Patie B Jansen

Participate in a survival simulation game where your natural tendencies in the following areas surface:

Leadership style, decision making, active listening, supporting others, and managing conflict.

Shot of five colleagues having a meeting in the boardroom

The Self-Aware Leader notices what they are thinking and feeling in any situation and can choose their response based on this awareness. Developing this ability affects our ability to support others, listen, make decisions, manage conflict, participate in discussions, and appropriately express ourselves. This program uses a survival simulation game to help develop these skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Practice problem solving skills
  • Identify personal leadership style
  • Build interpersonal relationships
  • Understand and identify different emotional responses
  • Practice appropriate emotional expression – assertive communication
  • Practice group decision making and identify strategies to build this skill
  • Develop interpersonal skills: active listening, supporting others, managing conflict