Leading Change

Leading Change: Effectively Leading Change Initiatives in the Workplace

Facilitated by Patie B Jansen

Leaders learn how to introduce a change initiative and lead discussions with employees to explore how best to implement the changes, and help others overcome their resistance to change. These skills enhance a leader’s ability to minimize the potentially negative effects of change on morale, processes, and productivity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define what change is and what the transition process is
  • Understand and address the fears that come up around change
  • Understand why change is difficult for people, why they resist it, and how to overcome your own resistance to change as well as the employees’ resistance to change
  • Identify strategies that will help you manage yourself during this organizational change
  • Identify strategies to help employees deal with change in the organization
  • Understand what the supervisors’ role is in communicating and managing change, even if you are not in agreement with the change


“The training centered on practical, usable behaviors and skills which could be used immediately. They have our highest recommendation as the ‘Training Services Provider’ for your next training session.” Ken Sharp, FNS/USDA Curriculum Development Manager