Generational Communication

Communicating Across the Generations

Facilitated by Patie B Jansen

For the first time in history, we have four generational groups in the workplace at the same time. A generational group shares common life experiences in their formative years. These experiences shape our values, priorities, communication style, and attitudes. If there are clashes between the generations, it is because of these different values, styles and attitudes.



So how do we communicate and get along with these different generational groups? The key is to understand generational diversity!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the four generations in the workplace and define them by experiences and events
  • Identify the resulting characteristics, attitudes, and values that arise from these experiences and events
  • Identify how the attitudes and values of each generational group show up in the workplace
  • Identify the possible work beliefs of older and younger generations
  • Identify differences within the generational groups, which might cause conflict
  • Explore communication methods to ensure effective cross-generational communication
  • Practice and apply practical strategies for working successfully in a multigenerational workplace




“Patie was energetic, engaging, and knowledgeable. She covered lots of territory in a very short time and kept us interested and actively participating. I enjoyed the presentation and learned a couple of new things about the generations, even though I have done quite a bit of study on the topic.”

— Attendee, Colorado University Career Services Employee, Boulder, CO

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