Communication & Leadership Training: Your Tools for an Engaged, High-Performing Workforce!

Are you ready to develop (and retain) productive, engaged, high-performance employees… and develop the managers to lead them?

What are the signposts that employees need a boost to become more engaged and productive? Some signposts are lack of cooperation and arguments, unreached goals, misunderstandings in communication that lead to mistakes and missed deadlines, low motivation, low quality and quantity of work produced, dissatisfied customers, and high employee turnover. All of these can be symptoms of poor or problematic communication.

What’s the solution? Our training gives you the tools to strengthen communication skills for employees and managers.

Patie Jansen Engages the Audience

We start with understanding different communication styles and different generational styles and then build the awareness of how to work effectively with each other. We help you develop your listening and conflict management skills and your emotional intelligence. We help managers develop the skills that will engage their employees: effective feedback, delegation, leading change, and providing direction.

Patie uses humor, insightful questions and exercises to help participants increase their awareness of what needs to change in their behavior and gives participants the chance to practice new behaviors and approaches right in the class.

Experiential Learning, Not Lectures

Because no one wants to spend the day with their nose in a workbook.

People are more likely to implement training when they’re part of the process. (And when it’s actually relevant to their job!) That’s why we create highly interactive, completely customized learning experiences that encourage the free flow of ideas.

Here’s what we do to ensure your workshop gets results:

We’ll interview you, assess your goals and challenges, and make training recommendations based on our experience and best practices.

We'll tailor a custom training program for your participants, and present it to your point-of-contact first to make sure it hits the target.

We combine discussion, group activities, video, role-playing and more for an engaging, interactive experience. Participants learn together and from each other. If specific concerns come up during the training, we address them, so participants come away with solutions that are directly applicable to their jobs.

We offer one-on-one business coaching to support long-term results. Coaching is available at the employee, supervisor, or manager level.

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Brandon Derks

“Patie’s ability to connect and engage with the participants resulted in peak interest and motivation.”

— Branden Derks, Vice President ISEC, Inc.


Clients Love Our Results

Simon Fraser- Patie Jansen Testimonial

“Patie’s workshop was exciting and action packed. The training was extremely interactive and very relevant to my job. Patie is an excellent facilitator: helpful, open, and approachable.”

— C. Lundie, Faculty Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

Colorado University- Patie Jansen Testimonial

Patie was energetic, engaging, and knowledgeable. She covered lots of territory in a very short time and kept us interested and actively participating.”

— Attendee, Colorado University Career Services Employee, Boulder, CO

Aorn Works- Patie Jansen Testimonial

“I was a clinical instructor for years and know the challenges of keeping the class engaged and maintaining enthusiasm as you teach. Patie was excellent; one of the best instructors I’ve had. The content was incredibly valuable and applicable to my position.”

— Vicki Raas, General Manager, Aorn Works

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