Customer Service Skills Training

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Customer Service & Business Etiquette

Facilitated by Patie B Jansen

Everyone is a valuable member of your team, so no matter the role you play, your part is valuable in serving your internal and external customers. You only get one chance to “Make the first impression.” How you respond to your customers will have an effect from that moment on. How you carry yourself, how you talk, how you write, and how competent you are will have a lasting effect on your relationship.


  • Define the meaning of customer service
  • Identify internal and external customers
  • Identify possible first impressions and their impact on customers
  • Effectively run a business meeting and participate in business meetings
  • Build relationships with customers by recognizing different communication style preferences and generational preferences
  • Identify customer needs
  • Effectively handle an upset customer
  • Use business email etiquette to connect with customers
  • Use phone etiquette that generates results
  • Conduct virtual meetings that produce results

“You were so informative, clear, and expansive with your presentation. You kept our interest and our minds active while continually challenging us to explore and understand ourselves, our workplace, and our coworkers (internal customers).”

Linda Collazo, Manager, Lyman Museum, Hilo, HI

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