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Managing Change Personally and Professionally

Fall is in the air. The change of seasons is once again upon us. I was recently teaching a class on change and shared with the group a quote from William Bridges, “it is often the transition not the change that people resist.” The transition is the psychological adjustment from what was to what is the new normal.

I have a weird response to Fall. My favorite season is spring with all of the new beginnings, I love the summer for all of the great outdoor activities I can do, and I even love the winter when I’m skiing or snowshoeing. But when Fall begins to arrive with its cooler temperatures and the leaves on the trees change color and begin to fall off I feel a sense of loss. Loss of warmth and a loss of the comfort from the beauty of the trees or the flowers in full bloom.

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William Bridges in his book Transition speaks of the many losses we experience during times of change. When change takes place in the workplace we may experience a loss of control, a loss of our comfort zone, a loss of competency, a loss of status, a loss of relationships, a loss of knowledge to name a few. During the transition phase of a change, if we experience these losses, they may contribute to a variety of reactions from excitement to withdrawal to disorientation or disengagement.