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Uniquely interactive, Patie B Jansen’s keynotes deliver real-world communication strategies to audiences.

We’ve all heard them— entertaining keynotes that get people fired up… until they get back to the office. Then the “mountaintop feeling” wears off and it’s back to business as usual.

But that’s not the kind of keynote Patie B Jansen delivers!

Patie combines audience participation with real-life communication strategies that can be put in action right away. Add in a dose of refreshing candor and humor, and you get an energizing, memorable experience with the power to affect real change!

Patie Jansen in Action-Keynote Topics

Patie’s Most Requested Keynotes

All of Patie’s keynotes can be customized to underscore the theme of your next meeting, conference, or event.

Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

Strengthening Workplace Relationships & Mastering Difficult Situations

Self-aware leaders notice what they’re thinking and feeling in any situation, and choose their response based on this awareness. Why is this important in the workplace? Developing this skill equips leaders to handle difficult situations, manage their emotional responses, and express themselves in a constructive way. By understanding the emotional element, leaders are also empowered to make better decisions and connect more effectively with their team.

Both emerging and experienced leaders will gain strategies for:

  • Managing emotional responses, especially in high-stress situations
  • Handling conflict and “difficult” team members
  • Building team relationships for increased performance

Making the Customer Connection

Building Relationships to Create Customer Loyalty

With so many buying options out there, today’s customers can always find a lower price or a shinier object. Relationship-building is now your best competitive advantage! That means stepping away from a one-size-fits-all customer experience. In this presentation, participants discover how to “ditch the script” and treat each customer how she or he wants to be treated… as an individual.

Participants will come away with insights and action strategies for:

  • Connecting one-on-one with every customer, creating loyalty
  • “Tuning in” to what customers really want, increasing sales
  • Identifying different communication styles for better client connection

Bridging the Communication Gap

Making Team Diversity Your Greatest Strength

With a variety of personality types and communication styles, you get a diverse workforce with many ways of looking at the world. This balance of strengths and perspectives is an incredible benefit… but differences in values and priorities can also cause clashes.

Appreciating these differences is the first step to bridging the communication gap. In this presentation, leaders and employees will discover how to enhance their team environment… boosting performance and making their differences their strength!

Participants will discover real-world techniques for:

  • Communicating effectively with different personality types
  • Utilizing the strengths of different styles
  • Building team relationships for increased performance

Clients Love Patie’s Results


“Patie delivered real-life examples with usable solutions that I can apply. Very engaging speaker.”

— David Montpefit, Team Leader, Pinnacle Manufacturing


“You are so informative, clear, and expansive with your presentation. You kept our interest and our minds active while continually challenging us to explore and understand ourselves, our workplace, and our coworkers.”

— Linda Collazo, Manager, Lyman Museum, Hilo, HI

Meeting Planners International - Testimonial for Patie Jansen

“Feedback from our members declared your ‘Bridging the Communication Differences’ presentation a resounding success. Thank you.”

— Megan Meyers, President, Meeting Planners International, Rocky Mountain Chapter

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