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Increase Employee Engagement Through Connection

Employee Engagement

Here are the facts from a recent Gallup report:
• 30% of US employees are engaged and inspired at work and say they have a great boss
• 20% are actively disengaged and say they have bosses from hell
• 50% are not engaged and are just kind of present but not inspired by their work or their managers

What is the cost to your company if employees are disengaged or not fully engaged?
• Safety incidents
• Low productivity
• Poor performance
• Problem behaviors
• Attendance issues

Engaged employees are happier, healthier, and more productive.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Connection with the manager will increase employee engagement.

I once worked for a women named Inga who hired me to be a supervisor and a senior facilitator (which you would think gave me some authority!). One day I made a decision to end a three-month program one day early because it worked for my participants. I did not check with my boss, Inga, before making this decision. She let me know that I should not have made this decision without her approval first and she did it in a public place where everyone else could hear. I was embarrassed, belittled, and definitely put in my place. Unfortunately, I became an actively disengaged employee. I did the work required of me but no more and I did it less enthusiastically. dom information . semantic database . Almost immediately, I began looking for another supervisory / facilitation job and within six months, I left my job working for Inga.

What I have since discovered as a manager / supervisor / leader is the importance of making a solid connection with employees to help them stay engaged.

Throughout the day, I wear the hat of a manager and the hat of a leader. As a manager, I manage the “things” like schedules, budgets, projects, tasks, and communication with employees about these “things.” When I put my leader hat on I look for ways to connect with employees and build strong workplace relationships: provide feedback, be fair, give praise and recognition, meet individually with people, coach for improvement, provide clarity of expectations, provide growth opportunities and a reasonable workload.

employee engagement concept diagram hand drawing on whiteboard

Connection is the missing link that differentiates us as managers and leaders. Highly connected employees are highly engaged employees! Employees with low levels of connection will display low levels of engagement.

Engaged employees are more enthusiastic, energetic, willing to go the extra mile, and stay on track even when there are obstacles. Because they have built a strong work relationship with their manager, they are more likely to communicate when they are personally having a problem or when they see an issue that is affecting the work.

Many managers I work with in my programs and coaching are so task focused they forget to CONNECT with their employees. 


A Ask about people. Uncover what is important to them and find out what they need at work to be most effective.

L Listen and learn about people. What do they personally need to feel connected and engaged at work?

D Different styles. There are four different personality styles with unique needs. Figure out who is on your team and

A Adjust to people’s different styles and interact with each person in the way they prefer to interact. This will help build strong workplace relationships.

Each of us has different needs and when they are met, we feel more connected and more engaged.

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