Clients Love Patie's Results

 Management & Supervisory Presentations

“Strategic Insight Solutions created and delivered a leadership development course for USDA employees. …participants were able to use the skills immediately, building on their capabilities and knowledge. …They have our highest recommendation as the ‘Training Services Provider’ for your next seminar, training session or event.”

Kenneth E. Sharp, Curriculum Development Manager, Food & Nutrition Service/USDA

“Patie was clear, organized, and kept our discussions on topic in our management training. It was great that she got us all engaged.”

Rene Sheepers, President, Thyssen Mining Construction

“…Patie was excellent; one of the best instructors I’ve had. The content was incredibly valuable and applicable to my position.”

Vicki Raas, General Manager, Aorn Works

“The training has given me specific actions to implement immediately. Patie did an excellent job explaining the reasons why things need to be done in a certain way when addressing unacceptable employee behavior.”

Rick Thurston, Vice President, Windsor Factory Supply Ltd, Ontario, Canada

“Patie delivered real-life examples with usable solutions that I can apply. Very engaging speaker.”

David Montpefit, Team Leader, Pinnacle Manufacturing

“What I will use most from the leadership program is the material on personality styles and understanding my value system…”

Amy Blakey, Instructional Coordinator, Colorado Mountain College

“I am proud to say, we just completed our ninth Supervisor Training called ‘Sup Essentials’ of which we put 25 participants through once or twice a year and Patie Jansen has been an integral part of making that program a success.”

“Patie provides interactive, communication / leadership skills training to our supervisors at SM Energy. We have heard a number of compliments regarding Patie’s programs, including, ‘this is the best program I have been to in my 25+ year work experience’…”

Kristin Turner, HR Manager, SM Energy

Brandon Derks

“… Patie’s ability to connect and engage with the participants resulted in peak interest and motivation…


“… The discussions, all of the practical tools and experiences we shared, … were very valuable for our managers.”


Wendy Martin

I learned a lot of ways I can be a better boss and manager and …create a better working environment…”

“The workshop reinforced actions and ideas to take back to my workplace to implement. The day provided me with tools I can use to be a more effective supervisor.”

Karen Eichler, Production Supervisor, Nestle, Canada

 Employee Development Presentations

“Public Speaking is one of the biggest challenges I have faced. With the tools I got from “Rethinking Stress” I’m looking forward to being able to use them before I have to do any tours and talk in front of people to lower that stress level…”

“I love taking Patie’s classes because I always walk away with gems to practice and try out in real life…”

“…The training was very effective and I liked the interaction and how Patie got people talking with each other.”

“Patie’s workshop was exciting and action-packed. The training was extremely interactive and very relevant to my job. Patie is an excellent facilitator: helpful, open, and approachable.”

C. Lundie, Faculty Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

Organizational Director

“…Patie was extremely engaging and made the class entertaining, and fun, and a learning experience for all.”

 Communication Skills Development

“[This] workshop provided me with insight on different types of communication and the tools to become a better communicator… most importantly, Patie’s really fun and the entire workshop was a blast!”

Haley McNeill, Program Manager, Vail Valley Partnership

“Participants found the information very useful and they especially liked the opportunity to practice the presentation techniques being taught. They liked your presentation and instruction style.”

Anee Carabine, President, Wired Women Society

“The insights and tools gained by our staff will help them develop their people skills and communicate more effectively in the workplace.”

Linda Goodall, Human Resources Learning Coordinator, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

“The Assertive Communication training helped me learn to be more positive in my interactions with clients.”

Aaron Viozzi, Client Services Agent, Canada Revenue Agency, Hamilton, ON

Benjamin Gochberg

Employing the basic communication principles I have learned from Patie has made me a stronger communicator and negotiator.

Benjamin Gochberg, Commercial Lender/Business Finance Consultant, Avon CO

 Team Building Presentations

“You are so informative, clear, and expansive with your presentation. You kept our interest and our minds active while continually challenging us to explore and understand ourselves, our workplace, and our coworkers.”

Linda Collazo, Manager, Lyman Museum, Hilo, HI

The team building exercise you did for our team was invaluable. We learned strategies to communicate amongst ourselves, as well as with clients and vendors. The self-discovery aspect of the session was insightful and relevant…”

Melissa Layton, Principal, Operation Altitude, Minturn CO

We retained Patie as a consultant on several occasions and benefitted tremendously. She helped us identify issues between employees and provided practical steps to resolve them. The consulting and seminars resulted in a dramatic and lasting improvement in the effectiveness of our team.”

Farid Ibrahim, CEO, Nutravite Pharmaceuticals

“Our staff feels that their ability to communicate effectively with their coworkers improved with your training. We were all impressed with the information and techniques you provided that we could immediately use.”

Dr. Wilson Kwong, DMD, Vancouver, BC

 Emotional Intelligence Presentations

“One thing that was new to me was learning different ways of managing different emotions.”

Alesia Soreil, Marketing,Slifer Smith and Frampton

“Building self-awareness is the first step to improving business relationships. Patie makes the learning process easy and fun while providing tangible steps to improve one’s emotional intelligence through recognizing other’s communication styles.”

Clare Hefferren, Callosum, Vail CO

“I learned practical tactics and ideas for how I can better interact with colleagues and our consumers. I would recommend this workshop, “Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace”…”

Lorrie Johnson Cooper, Membership Manager Vail Valley Partnership

 Coaching & Consulting

“Patie’s step-by-step method has been very helpful in my company’s goal attainment.”

Sharon Strang, President, The Wellness Spa, Kelowna, BC

“Patie’s consulting helped us define goals that are effective, actionable, and results oriented; maximize individual time management and productivity; and streamline our processes and systems. Patie’s services to this organization have been exceptional.”

K. Webster, Business Development, Eagle's Flight Creative Training, Vancouver, BC

“I now catch myself thinking more about how I approach certain people and it seems to be working. … You are good at what you do and I enjoyed working with you [Patie] very much.”

Patricia Ellington, JV Audit Supervisor

“… the coachee demonstrated notable improvement as a direct result of Patie’s efforts, specifically with regard to both verbal and written communication skills. Patie was able to clearly identify the goals of the coaching series and to work with the coachee to create a realistic, practical, and achievable plan of action. …”

Ashley Andrus, Zoe Training & Consulting

Partial Client List


  • American Lung Association
  • Association of Government Accountants
  • Hawaii Radiological Association
  • Wired Women Association
  • SK Mining Association
  • SK Safety Council

Education & Training

  • British Columbia Business Training Institute
  • Centre for Generational Studies
  • Colorado University, Career Services
  • Justice Institute of British Columbia
  • Metro State University, Colorado
  • Okanagan University College, British Columbia
  • Park University, Kansas
  • Rockhurst University, Kansas
  • Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
  • Surrey College, British Columbia
  • Centre for Education Advancement
  • Vancouver Training Institute
  • Colorado Mountain College
  • Vail Leadership Institute


  • Faegre & Benson Law Firm
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • TELUS Communications
  • Slifer Smith and Frampton Real Estate
  • Lyman Museum, Hilo, HI
  • WFH Cleaning Services
  • Aorn Works
  • Vail Valley Partnership
  • Vail Racquet Club
  • Callosum Designs
  • Ski Butlers


  • US Customs and Immigration Services - USCIS
  • US Environmental Protection Agency - EPA
  • US Food and Nutrition Service – FNS/USDA
  • US Office of Personnel Management - OPM
  • US Department of Labor – MSHA
  • Canada Revenue Agency – CRA
  • Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia
  • Eagle County Colorado


  • SM Energy
  • ISEC Construction
  • BNSF Railway
  • Hayes Forest Service
  • Thyssen Mining Construction of Canada Ltd
  • Nestle Canada
  • Windsor Factory Supply Ltd, Ontario, Canada
  • Opus NW Contractors, WA
  • Pinnacle Manufacturing


  • Dr. Kwong Dental Practice
  • Nutravite Pharmaceuticals
  • The Wellness Spa
  • United Pharmacists Enterprises
  • Streamside Dental

Meeting Planners

  • Operation Altitude Meeting Planners
  • MPI (Meeting Planners International)
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