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Fall is in the air and the change of seasons is once again upon us. I was recently teaching a class on change and shared with the group a quote from William Bridges, “it is often the transition not the change that people resist.” The transition is the psychological adjustment from what was, to what is the new normal. Every time the seasons change I go through an adjustment period like most of us do. Part of that adjustment can include a feeling of loss.


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Employee Engagement

Here are the facts from a recent Gallup report:
• 30% of US employees are engaged and inspired at work and say they have a great boss
• 20% are actively disengaged and say they have bosses from hell
• 50% are not engaged and are just kind of present but not inspired by their work or their managers

What is the cost to your company if employees are disengaged or not fully engaged?
• Safety incidents
• Low productivity
• Poor performance
• Problem behaviors
• Attendance issues

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